What is the GCF of 91 and 1?

Accepted Solution

Solution: The GCF of 91 and 1 is 1MethodsHow to Find the GCF of 91 and 1 by Listing All Common FactorsTo get started using this method of finding the Greatest Common Factor of [n] and [m], we should first find and list all the factors of each number. You can see how this is done by looking at the “Factors of” articles that are linked to below.Let’s take a look at the factors for each of these numbers, 91 and 1:Factors of 91: 1, 7, 13, 91Factors of 1: 1When you compare the two lists of factors, you can see that the only common factor is 1. So, in this case, the GCF of 91 and 1 is 1.Continue Practicing by Finding the GCF of Other NumbersTake a look at some of our other walkthroughs, and you’ll be sure to be an expert at finding the GCF of any numbers in no time!What is the GCF of 30 and 17?What is the GCF of 107 and 89?What is the GCF of 15 and 136?What is the GCF of 117 and 75?What is the GCF of 83 and 57?