Select the domain and range of F. F = {(x, y ) | x + y = 10}. Domain: {10} Range: {10} Set F is not a function and does not contain a domain or range Domain: All Real Numbers Range: All Real Numbers

Accepted Solution

Answer:Domain: All Real Numbers Range: All Real NumbersStep-by-step explanation:F isF = {(x, y ) | x + y = 10}(x,y) is the ordered pairx + y = 10  is the expressionWe can rearrange ity = 10 - xAnd then we can plot it using a graphing calculator. See attached imageBy looking at the plot and examining the expression, we can see that there are no restrictions over x or y.This means that the domain and range are all real numbersDomain: All Real Numbers Range: All Real NumbersF is a function because it is a relation that associates each element x to a single element y.