I need help!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE EXPLAIN! I'M SO CONFUSED! PLEASE! ​

Accepted Solution

There are 2 14 year olds. The answer is (A).
The average should be 12. 11 is one less than 12. You have four 11 year olds. You get a deficit of 1 with each 11 year old, so with four of them the deficit is 4. To compensate for this and being the average to 12, you need to make a surplus of 4. If you add one 14 year old, you make a surplus of 2 (because 14 is 2 more than 12). If you add another 14 year old, you now have a surplus of 4 and that balances it out.
if it's hard to understand tell me and I'll explain it in the simpler way